45 / Government 5″ / Anodized Black 1911 80% Frame & Jig Bundle

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The world of building your own 1911 has never been easier. Thanks to the Stealth Arms Phantom 1911 Jig & .45 ACP Government Anodized Black 1911 80% Frame bundle, finishing your 1911 80% frame has become something you can do with a few tools and NO MILLING MACHINE. The 1911 Phantom Jig is the fastest, most durable 1911 jig on the market today.

The 1911 Jig Overview:

Comprised of 3 main pieces; 2 long side plates and 1 cutting “car”. The Phantom Jig is the only 1911 jig that utilizes carbide cutters to perform the necessary removal of material from the frame. One of the carbide cutters is used to cut out the slide rails and the other to cut the barrel seat in the frame.

The 2 longer side plates act as a perfectly flat plane surface for the cutting “car” to do its work. Once the 1911 frame is inserted between the two long side plates, the cutting car is set on top of the side plate with the carbide cutter facing down towards the soon-to-be 1911 slide rail (see picture below for visual).

By working the cutting car back-and-forth in the slide rail cutout on the side plate, the carbide cutter protruding out of cutting car is shaving layers of your slide rail. In short, you basically have to do this over-and-over again until the appropriate slide rail depth is achieved.


  • The fastest way to complete a 1911 frame
  • No milling machine required
  • No need for additional parts
  • Drill bits are included
  • Carbide cutters included
  • Instructions included
  • Online video tutorials available on YouTube
  • Works on ALL Stealth Arms 1911 frames
  • Made in the USA (Ohio)

The 1911 Frame Overview:

Our .45 ACP Government Anodized Black 1911 80% Frames are CNC-machined from 7075 heat-treated aluminum. Due to the simple fact that our 1911 80% frames are constructed of aluminum, they are 60% lighter than steel 1911 frames. Since they are noticeably lighter, they serve as a better everyday carry option.

In addition to being lighter weight, aluminum 80% 1911 frames are much easier to finish than steel frames. Whether you are completing a 1911 frame using a handheld jig, drill press or milling machine, starting with aluminum is going to save you a lot of time and frustration.

Since these frames are only 80% completed, they do not require an FFL or paperwork to have them shipped to your door. Once you make any modifications to the frame that take it beyond 80% complete, it then falls into the legal definition of a firearm. Assuming it is legal for you to own a firearm, it is legal for you to build your own firearm for yourself.

What Still Needs to be Completed?

  • Cutting slide rails
  • Cutting barrel seat
  • Drill hammer pin hole
  • Drill sear pin hole

Features of our 1911 80% Frames:

  • Made for 5″ barrel length
  • Made from 7075 aluminum
  • CNC-machined
  • 60% lighter than steel
  • Easier to finish than steel
  • No FFL required
  • Made in the USA (Ohio)

Special Notes:

  1. Black anodized products will take longer to fulfill than bead blasted.
  2. We are not lawyers – please educate yourself about your local and state laws.

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