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1911 Parts Kit

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1911 Parts Kit

A 1911 Parts Kit comes with everything you need to build a 1911 minus the frame. If you already have a 1911 frame, this is the quickest route to get everything required to complete your build! The 1911 Parts Kit comes with every piece and part labeled and individually bagged!

Building a 1911 is a rewarding process that gives you satisfaction for years thereafter. That feeling after you send lead down the range the first time will give you goosebumps. You may currently have your favorite carry piece but that will change after your 1911 build. Your custom built, custom fit 1911 that YOU built will quickly become your absolute favorite. Our 1911 Parts Kits come in various calibers, sizes and colors.

Our 1911 Parts Kits are bundled with the following options; 45 ACP or 9mm, Raw aluminum or anodized black, Government length or Commander length!

Benefits of our 1911 Parts Kit:

  • No FFL required
  • Every part needed (minus frame)
  • Choose your caliber
  • Choose your aluminum finish
  • Made in the USA (100%)