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1911 Kit

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1911 Kit

Building your own 1911 from using a 1911 Kit is the perfect way to learn your firearm from the inside-and-out, frontwards and backwards, top-to-bottom. A 1911 Kit is an easy way to remove most of the complexity and confusion of building a 1911. The 1911 Kit is a true “do-it-yourself” kit where all of the parts and pieces are separated, bagged and labeled individually!

While your buddies are bragging about the firearm they swiped their credit card to buy, show em’ what you swiped your man card to build – a custom 1911. Anyone can buy a 1911 but that’s easy. The rewarding challenge that building your own 1911 presents immeasurable gratification. Your build will instantly become your favorite firearm because YOU drilled, filed, hammered and fit everything – literally everything.

1911 Kits come with an 80% 1911 frame! The frame options are almost endless. Choose your caliper size (45 ACP or 9mm), choose your size (Government or Commander), choose your color (raw or anodized black) and, finally, choose whether or not you want a picatinny rail for accessories or not (Tactical or Standard)! Whatever your 1911 needs are, the chances are good that we carry a 1911 Kit to fit your 1911 build needs!

Benefits of our 1911 Kit:

  • No FFL required
  • Comes with every part/piece required
  • No milling machine required
  • No expensive tools required
  • Made in the USA (Ohio)


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