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You Should Know These Four Facts about 1911s

We’re all about 1911s here – including the fun and historical stuff! Did you know that even today, the 1911 remains one of the most popular handguns on the international market? Its century-old design is still employed by modern militaries today. Keep on reading, because you should know these four facts about 1911s!   #1: […]

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Build a 1911 or Glock? Costs and Benefits

Glock Build Kits have hit the build-a-gun market, and it’s time to size up the two monoliths of the pistol world: 1911, or Glock? Can they even be compared? Perhaps not in application, nor in discipline – but their Build Kits certainly be today. Today, we’re breaking down the pros and cons, costs and benefits, […]

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The Benefits of Building Your Own 1911

It’s no mystery why you want to own a 1911. After all, it is, simply put, one of the best handguns ever made. Even today, its design is replicated, improved upon, and lauded by a following of owners a few million strong. But should you buy, or build your 1911? Let’s go over the latter […]

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1911 Phantom Jig by Stealth Arms Review

With the build-a-gun market making its way into the realm of handguns, it’s no surprise the 1911 – with its legend and simple design – would be the frontrunner in the game. If you’re like so many and you’ve decided to become an at-home gunsmith, keep reading. Today, we’ve got the 1911 Phantom Jig by […]

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5 Must-Have Upgrades for you 1911 Build

The 1911 is a handgun universally recognized as one of the greatest firearms ever made. It helped win wars, save lives, and earn troops medals with accounts of heroism and sheer legend. But for all its archaic perfection, the venerable 1911 could stand to use a few upgrades. Keep reading to find the quickest and […]

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Why the 1911 Should be Your Next Build

If you’re reading this, face it: Yes, the 1911 should be your next handgun, and for plenty of good reasons. For one, it’s legendary – everyone recognizes it and respects it. Two, it lives up to its own myth. The 1911 is truly one of the greatest firearms ever made, with ergonomics, reliability, accuracy, and […]

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